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I want to be a voice...

On this blog

In the yoga scene

On Instagram

I want to be a voice,

however small or soft it may be,

that's not about the stunning pics

That's not about professional photographers

capturing intense poses meticulously executed to perfect alignment cues

on beaches in Bali

I have so much respect for how all my yogi family members show up

and bring forward our practice

And share what they do with the world

there is enough for all of us

there is space for us all to bring our thoughts forward

But that's never going to be my jam

It's not my strength or my truth.

Yoga, for me, is a really personal experience.

You'll see that in my posts that I want to get deeper

not into my hamstrings

but into my baggage, all my shit

I want to learn from this practice

I want to grow and change and evolve

I want to share it with anyone else who might be looking for that too.

I want to be a voice here for those who feel me

For those who experience this practice like I have

For those who want to learn more

For those who want to share and do this together

I want to show up for others

I want to show up to learn more about me

Capital M "Me"

The self. Consciousness.

and everything yoga has to teach me

and everything others have to teach me.

We all have our teachers in the world and our sangha

I'm inviting you

if this sounds like a sangha you want to share

to hop on with me for the ride.

We're better here together.


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