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Contact me for more info about services or how we can stay connected!

Yoga Mats

Studio Classes

In Buffalo/Niagara Falls, find me  teaching studio classes at:

Soma Cura Wellness Center

Tree of Life Yoga Studio

Rock Balancing

Ayurvedic Consulting

Private sessions to get the full picture on your Ayurvedic type and learn how to keep it all balanced on and off the mat!

Yoga Equipment


Contact me for studio and corporate workshops on Ayurveda, chronic stress, asana, and more!

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Corporate Yoga

In my day job, I'm an administrator who knows what that mid-day break needs to be. Contact me to bring yoga to your place of business.

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Private Sessions

Whether you're new, injured, working to level up your poses, or just like privacy, contact me for a one-on-one package.

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Stay Connected


Stay tuned for some online videos coming your way!

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