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Kim Fenton, RYT

I decided to make this blog “Get Your Life Together Yoga” not because there’s anything wrong with you! But because it perfectly describes how I feel still. In my early 20s when I took up yoga, I felt like I just didn't have my shit together and yoga helped me figure it all out. My students come from all stages of life (college students to seniors) and they all tell me that connecting to the deeper lessons was meaningful and helpful for them. Yoga was the game changer for me to shift my perspective, and it could be for you too.

I’m a yoga teacher in Buffalo, NY. I did my 200 Hour at the Himalayan Institute. I'm in the process now of completing my 500 Hour Teacher Training at the Himalayan Institute as well. Here in the Queen City, I teach vinyasa and hatha yoga. My style in teaching is to share those transferable skills of yoga – all those benefits we never knew we would get but now can't imagine living without.

Now I have a lot of thoughts and they needed a home, so welcome to Get Your Life Together: a Yoga and Ayurveda Blog! Intense poses meticulously executed to perfect alignment cues isn't my jam as a yoga student or teacher. I probably won't ever get a professional yoga photo shoot on a Thai beach, and I can't promise you're ever going to see pics of me doing a handstand scorpion in front of the Mayan ruins. But I can promise that if you ever need to refocus or find a new perspective, and you're open to yoga, I've got you covered. If you're a yoga teacher who needs inspiration for a class theme, hang out here and read.

I teach studio classes, workshops and private sessions in Buffalo, and I try to share as much as I can on my Instagram @getyourlifetogetheryoga. I am also a Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist and Restorative Yoga teacher. I offer workshops and private consultations on Ayurveda as well. I


I also have a 9-5 desk job that I enjoy in a corporate-style space to fund my yoga pursuits and pay the doggy daycare bills.

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