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Want to know what it's like to work together? See below for more information!

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the "sister science" of yoga. It's an ancient system of holistic health and medicine that teaches us to maintain balance, vitality and well being in our body and mind. Ayurveda recognizes an intrinsic relationship between the mind, body and nature. Yoga and Ayurveda are meant to be practiced together as they each lean on the other for a comprehensive approach.

Ayurveda helps us to heal and understand our bodies as the ancient yogis did, This system includes three different body types (called "doshas") to help us recognize the individual needs and preferences of our own bodies. Ayurveda offers suggestions on our daily routine, yoga practice, the foods we eat and herbs for maintaining optimal health, energy and balance.

My Experience Getting an Ayurveda Consultation

Personally, what helped me the most when I learned about Ayurveda and did a consultation package was tackling my fatigue and stress. I had (and still have) a very high stress job and was burned out to the extreme. I'd sleep 8 hours and yet hardly ever feel rested. My yoga practice became less frequent and my meditation practice nearly non-existent. I was confused about what my actual dosha was, and thus had a hard time trying to balance it all on my own.


Then I was able to talk to my Ayurveda teacher about what I was experiencing, and she gave me so many little tweaks to add into my day that made a huge difference in my energy levels and stress. It helped to have an objective outsider's view on my situation, and she knew all the right things to ask to find out what was really going on! We met 3 more times over the next month, and each time we'd tweak my plan, add something new, or scratch some things altogether.


Ayurveda, and especially working with a coach, helped me figure out so much about my body and mind. So much of what I had been experiencing eery day in my body made sense immediately when I learned about Ayurveda! It's all about the little things, the small changes you can make to feel more balance, and the small ways your body is telling you what it needs.

What happens in an Ayurveda Consultation?
In an initial consultation, we'll spend 60 minutes reviewing the form you sent me ahead of time to ensure we're covering your concerns and discovering your unique body constitution (dosha). We'll make a plan for helping you feel better - things you can try, big and small, now and when you're ready. You'll learn about Ayurveda and how the seasons and times of our lives can play a big role in how we feel. Most importantly, you'll learn to balance yourself out to keep yourself feeling well and reduce your symptoms. No judgment, no complete diet overhauls - you can still eat sweets, that glass of wine and everything!


If you continue on for the full package, you'll have my support as you work to implement the new routine. We'll see what works in your schedule and lifestyle, what doesn't work, and we'll adjust as we go. We'll meet 3 more times for 45 minutes each time over the course of about a month to adjust, try new things and reevaluate your plan as we go. 

What concerns do people bring up?

Everything from gas/bloating to anxiety to feeling sluggish and fatigued comes up in Ayurveda consultations. We can talk about any digestion issues, dryness, restlessness, heartburn, inflammation, hormone issues, seasonal change, life stage changes, maintaining a healthy weight, skin conditions, etc. 

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