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Image by Ksenia Makagonova


Looking for something a little deeper? This is your place! Enjoy some of the resources I've put together for you below and let me know your questions so I can make more!

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Ayurveda 101


Learn more about the ancient science of Ayurveda and your own body type in this free downloadable e-Book!

Image by Renáta-Adrienn

30 Day Challenge Tracker

Download and print my 30 Day Challenge Tracker and get ideas of how to challenge yourself to start something new for 30 days!


Yogi's Guide to Chronic Stress

Learn some practices to add to your toolbox to increase your body's ability to cope with stress!

Image by Nathan Fertig

5 Day "Can't Take My Peace" Challenge

Join this 5 day challenge to keep yourself steady and feeling better every day.

Meditating by the Pool

Guided Audio Practices

Find practices for diaphragmatic breath training and guided relaxations you can listen to anywhere!

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