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Want to try something new? Would it be cool to gain a new skill or habit? 

We've all got to start somewhere! Use this tracker to keep yourself on track and consistent while you're learning or recommitting to a practice. 

Start a 30 Day Challenge

I sometimes have a hard time with consistency in a new practice. Sometimes it's hard for me to stay accountable to something new before I hit a rhythm. Before I really get the hang of something new, or get back into the flow of a new practice, it can be hard to show up every day. Sometimes honestly my days are just too busy or my schedule too varied each day to find a routine.

I use this tracker system myself. I've been using trackers like this for years now to help myself to keep up something new and it really works for me. I love seeing the progress and watching my tracker sheet fill up. I hang it on the fridge and when I can see it right there in front of me, I remember to get it done. Most of the practices that support our wellbeing - especially yoga practices - are most effective when done regularly. 

The spot on this tracker where you record how it went has also been helpful for me too. This can be done in a long journal format, and many people might find that to be a helpful practice when starting something new. But for others, a lengthy journal commitment can be a deterrent when you just want to get it done. It's helpful to keep some record though when you're starting something new and getting the hang of it. Here, I even like to use smiley faces (happy, sad, neutral) or a scale of 1-10. Sometimes I do all of the above. Sometimes I just write "sick" or "blah" on there. Even if it's just one word, it's helpful to keep a record of how each day goes so that when you look back over time, you can see how your practice changes and evolves. You can note the tweaks you make that help or hurt your goals. It really helps me keep moving forward.

So what do I actually use this tracker for? Anything - honestly! Here are some ideas you can use the tracker for to help you establish a new practice, recommit yourself to an old practice, or just to stay accountable and remember to do your work each day.

  • Meditate

    • You might start with 5 minutes a day. Then increase it to 10 the next time. You might just shoot for any length of meditation you can fit in.​

    • You might start this month with guided meditations. Next time might be mantra meditations. You can do this again and again!

  • Guided Relaxation or Breath Training practice!​

  • Yoga Asana Practice

  • An Ayurvedic dinacharya practice you'd like to start

  • Eating something green every day

    • In the "How did it feel?" box, maybe instead you put the dish you used them in​, maybe you rate how you feel physically each day as a result of your greens

  • Getting to bed early

  • Reading for 20 minutes each day

  • Exercise or workout each day

These are just some ideas - you can use this tracker for anything at all that you want to commit to for your wellbeing!

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