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Confession time 🚨

Crow pose is SO hard for me. I can honestly rarely get that second toe off the mat and there’s so much fear involved for me. Check the second pic for what happened for me after 2 seconds of holding the 1st pic!

But that’s why yoga is awesome. It’s 100% ok to not get every physical pose. It’s ok to try again and again. Yoga is not about the shape your body makes! Crow gives me such an opportunity to practice ahimsa (non-violence) toward myself. And to practice non-attachment to the results of my effort. Landing on my face isn’t failure because the physical pose itself was NEVER the goal. Failure would be beating myself up for not getting a particular physical pose. Doing yoga isn’t about doing poses. Doing yoga is about not really focusing on the physical pose and instead focusing on the EXPERIENCE a pose lets you have. THAT is yoga.

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