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Ayurveda 101

Have you heard of Ayurveda? If you haven't, I bet you'll start hearing the word pop up

around you soon. Ayurveda is an ancient system of health, and it's path runs parallel to yoga's over the past 3,000+ years. It's the way ancient people took care of themselves before western medicine and hospitals and doctors. It focuses on prevention and living an overall balanced life to prevent illness in the first place.

I first got introduced to Ayurveda in my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training. Ayurveda knocked me off my yogi feet with how PERSONAL it felt to me! The first place to start when learning abour Ayurveda is with the doshas - a dosha is your body's individual constitution or elemental type.

Think of it this way: the ancients saw 5 elements make up everything in nature: earth, water, fire, air, space. Since we (humans) are part of nature, those elements are present in us too. It sounds woohoo for now, but stick with me...

Has anyone ever told you that you're so down to earth? Is your preferred state to go with the flow? Do you ever feel like an airhead? Do you have a tendency to get fired up about stuff? Now we're getting somewhere!

The 3 doshas (body constitutions) are made up of different quantities of the elements being present within us. We all have all 5 elements, but most of us have a dominant one or two. Here's the breakdown:

- Kapha: earth and water

- Pitta: fire and water

- Vata: air and space

You'll notice that each dosha has their own common mental tendencies, physical traits, ailments and strengths. There are tons of quizzes you can find to learn which one you are, and I will definitely profile each of the doshas more soon. But here's a quick rundown:

Vata: head in the clouds :)

Not a knock against vatas, but they are the dreamiest type! Vatas are great communicators and can express their thoughts. They are creative thinkers, idea generators and philosophers. Vata isn’t bogged down by limits that others may experience. Vata is open to change more than anyone else. They may be artists or professors! They tend to also be spiritual and sensitive to energy. Vatas bodies tend to be dry - in their skin and digestion specifically. They carry the least amount of density out of all the elements, leaving them with the slightest body frames. Vatas prefer grazing to sitting down for a full meal, and they love crunchy foods. They also don't shy away from bitter tasting foods either. If popcorn or beer is your fav, take a closer look into vata!

Pitta: get fired up!

Pittas are made up of fire and water. Sometimes that fire gets out of hand, and they end up with inflammation in their bodies. That can be in the form of acne, issues from fast digestion, joint pain, hot flashes, ulcers, acid reflux, etc. Pitta is a natural born leader! The fire in pitta comes out for many as this unstoppable motivation. Pittas are smart, decisive and get stuff done. They are typically good at what they do because they’ve put in so much work to get there. Pittas are CEO-types! Physically, pittas are typically muscular, medium build, and maintain a relatively constant weight. While they might love spicy foods, their digestion is sensitive to spicy foods in excess. The water element in pitta is usually related to their sweat and tears. Pittas sweat a lot from all that heat they carry, and their emotions can sometimes boil over, resulting in tears. Redheads are often pittas!

Kapha: down to earth AF <3

Kaphas are made of earth and water, and their body's tendency is to grow and build to abundancy. That's why their bodies are the strongest, sturdiest and have the most stamina! Kaphas are grounded, and tend to be empaths - often counselors, teachers, etc. They're stable and secure. Their skin can be on the oily side, but their hair is thick and lustrous. Kaphas can sometimes end up in a rut because their grounded energy is sometimes too much so - they need a little boost to get up and moving. They are the most prone to congestion and excess mucus, and sweet and salty foods are their jam.

Stay tuned for more specific info on the doshas, AND more importantly, how you can sense when your elements are out of whack. I'll discuss tons of Ayurveda's recommendations to keep it all in balance to keep YOU feeling good and put together!

Ayurveda covers so much - from these specific body types to daily routine recommendations and even a guide of what asana to practice and when! Ayurveda also has it's own daily and seasonal clock that makes a huge impact. I can't wait to share more with you and dive into all of it!


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